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where you see the TCRN logo by the listings on our 

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Preferred Customer Offer

Save Money!

The TCRN Preferred Customer Offer provides consumers the opportunity to SAVE money all over their community at a wide variety of local businesses.  The offer is designed to create customer loyalty and frequent patronage.  However, not all TCRN businesses have an offer associated with the program.  In fact, several businesses in the Medical and Insurance industries are not permitted to offer discounts or offers, as a result of state or Federal regulation. 

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How To Use It

Download the Free TCRN App from the Apple App Store on Apple products or from Google Play Store on Android based mobile devices.  Select the desired TCRN division and browse our user friendly mobile version of the TCRN community websites.  Look for the "offer" icon and choose the business of your choice.  Then tap on "Offer" and you can use the displayed offer as often as you like....the offer never expires!